Find Out What a Whole House Designed Specifically for Skaters Looks Like (the Tricks Aren’t Bad Either!)

Skakeboarders sometimes have a hard time finding a place to do their tricks. There are often signs banning from the smooth steps of city buildings. Park benches and railings often have metal bumps put in specifically so the skaters can’t grind on them. Skateparks are great, but what athletes on wheels really need is a place to call home.

That’s exactly what the PAS House is — a house specifically designed for skaters. Yes, this means they skateboard inside the house — a cringe-worthy thought for moms.


Here’s a little about the ultimate idea the slightly more than 750-square-foot model house was based on:

Imagine a city of the future where skateboards are used as the primary form of transportation and recreation – in and out of your home. A utopia city for skateboarders would mean that a skateable path, like a ribbon connecting everything together, links each building in an unending ability to keep in motion on your board. The PAS House takes this concept and brings it to life through an architectural project mixing a modern single family home with a skateboard ramp structure – all from an environmentally-driven perspective.


The current model — the Skate Study House — is a miniature of a 2,200-square-foot version that will include a sofa, bed, complete kitchen and other furniture.


Here’s a look at how the PAS House would be used:

The PAS house was created by Pierre-Andrew Senizergues and designed by Gil Le Bon DelaPointe with architecture by Francois Perrin.

The website for the house says it is “what the next 25 years may look like when combining the powerful influence of skateboarding on a dwelling place.”

The house could also welcome BMX bikers too:

Read more about the PAS House here.


This story has been updated to change DMX to BMX.

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