Relax, the Earth Won’t End in 2040 as Previously Thought

An asteroid spotted last year that was said to have a 1 in 500 chance of hitting Earth in 2040 is now even less likely to impact the blue planet, like was similarly depicted in the popular 1998 flick “Armageddon.” reported a new study found the 460-foot-wide asteroid called AG5 will bypass Earth completely.

The asteroid circled in yellow was previously thought to be on a direct path for Earth when it was identified. New studies have said it will miss the planet completely. (Image: Gemini Observatory via

More specifically, went on to note the asteroid is expected to miss the planet by 550,000 miles — that’s twice the distance between Earth and them moon.

This study confirms a previous one that came to similar conclusions earlier this year.

Location of AG5 as of June 15,2012. (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech via

“These were extremely difficult observations of a very faint object,” Richard Wainscoat, a member of the team of researchers that monitored 2011 AG5 said in a statement, according to “We were surprised by how easily the Gemini telescope was able to recover such a faint asteroid so low in the sky.”


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