The Most Pirated TV Shows of 2012 Are…

During Fox News’ “Studio B” on Friday, Trace Gallagher discussed a new report that reveals the most pirated, or illegally downloaded, TV shows of 2012. The report shows just how much of a problem pirating continues to be for the entertainment industry.

At number one, HBO’s “Game of Thrones” was downloaded 4.28 million times worldwide, followed by Showtime’s “Dexter” with 3.85 million downloads, CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” (3.2 million downloads) and “How I Met Your Mother” and finally AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”

(Fox News)

We won’t ask whether you were a party to any illegal pirating of these shows, however, Fox Business Networks’ Gerri Willis pointed out that 80 percent of the downloads came from overseas.

There was also a very ironic aspect to the report on illegal downloads.

“Something we found in our research, very interesting here,” Willis said. “New data showing that employees at companies like Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Disney, Sony Pictures — They’re all illegally downloading this material while at the same time their industry is calling for a stop to this.”

To watch Fox News’ full video report, click here.


Featured image via AP