Obama’s Facebook Page Features ‘Favorite’ Photos of 2012 (Can You Guess How Many Feature Him?)

President Obama’s apparent penchant for inserting himself into historical events and other people’s biographies is well-documented.  As 2012 winds to a close, his official campaign arm, “Obama for America,” appears to be continuing the tradition.

If their “favorite” photos from 2012 are any reflection, the year was all about Barack Obama.  And while it is understandable that the president’s campaign arm would feature him in their 2012 recap, would you agree that these are some of the most memorable photos of the year?

A picture of the president throwing a football has a caption that reads: “One of our favorite photos from this year: Can’t lose.”

(Photo: Facebook/Barack Obama)

“Taken on July Fourth: One of our favorite (mohawked) photos from this year,” the next photo’s description reads:

(Photo: Facebook/Barack Obama)

“A favorite 2012 photo: Salute,” another is described:

(Photo: Facebook/Barack Obama)

“Air Force One, night, Ohio: One of our favorite photos of 2012,” another picture’s caption says:

(Photo: Facebook/Barack Obama)

“One of our favorite photos from this year: 30,000 strong in Wisconsin,” this picture’s caption reads:

(Photo: Facebook/Barack Obama)

“One of our favorite 2012 photos: Doing 10;” a picture of the president working out is advertised:

(Photo: Facebook/Barack Obama)

“Looking towards home: One of our favorite photos from this year,” a shot of the president and Michelle Obama near Chicago reads:

(Photo: Facebook/Barack Obama)

The U.K.’s Daily Mail observed that the choice of photos seems to focus almost exclusively on the president.

“Not that he likes to show off,” they add.

Click here to see a more thorough 2012 recap on BarackObama.com, also created by Obama for America.

(H/T: Daily Mail)



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