Alleged Family of Egyptian First Grader Murders School Administrators in Gruesome Knife Attack

Egyptian schoolchildren stamp their mock passports Nov. 3, 2011, as they wear white robes to simulate a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to attend the Hajj. (Photo: AP)

LUXOR, Egypt (TheBlaze/AP) — Egyptian security officials say two men have killed a technician and a principal at a school in the southern city of Luxor, slitting their throats with a knife.

While officials have not yet definitely determined the motive, the Associated Press reports that one of the victims may have been allegedly sexually harassing a first grade family member of the assailants.

The young boy’s father and brother reportedly arrived at the school early in the morning, asking to speak with the technician whom they believed to be a pedophile, and the principal.

After the principal defended his co-worker against the allegations, officials say, both were killed.

The Egypt Independent continues:

When they exited the room without the two school officials, other employees went to check on them and found their bodies. The administrator’s genitals had been mutilated.

Authorities soon evacuated the building and security forces have deployed to the neighborhood to try to prevent further violence.

Revenge attacks are common in the south of Egypt, where people frequently dole out their own (violent) interpretation of justice.