MSNBC is not exactly the place you would expect to hear agreement on this statement about the Fiscal Cliff bill that President Obama will sign into law: “This is a bad bill that made a bad situation worse.”

Fiscal Cliff Deal   This Is A Bad Deal That Made A Bad Situation Worse

Image: Screen capture from MSNBC

Those were the words from Richard Haass on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” heard early on Wednesday morning. Oddly, there was virtually no disagreement with that statement. Haass, a career diplomat and the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, also went deeper on his criticism of the bill:

“You’ve got to ultimately deal with entitlements, this did nothing. You’ve got to deal with economic growth, this did nothing. The only thing it did was avoided sending a signal that we really are reckless and out of control.”

The rest of the nearly 25-minute segment also included:

  • Questions about John Boehner’s chances to retain his position as House speaker (deemed very likely).
  • Senator Harry Reid’s inability to accomplish anything of substance.
  • Senator Mitch McConnell’s quiet statesmanship that is credited with pushing the bill through the Senate.
  • And a salute to the Bush Tax Cuts, once reviled, now permanent for 99% of America.

See the full segment (the still frame shot is the same, this is the complete segment):