Publish Gun Owners’ Info? Ann Coulter: Release The Records of Women Who Have Had Abortions, Too

On Thursday night, Ann Coulter brought her unvarnished logic to the ongoing discussion about releasing the names and addresses of gun owners. The statement comes early in a spirited back-and-forth with Sean Hannity on his Fox News program.

Image: Fox News screen capture

Hannity and Coulter started out talking about the publishing of gun owners’ names and addresses by the Journal-News in New York. Coulter pointed out the hypocrisy of releasing the names of law-abiding gun owners but not the names of criminals in the area”

Why aren’t we getting names of recently paroled criminals? People with gun permits, by definition, do not have criminal records. Why can’t we get the criminal records? No, you can’t get that.

Ms. Coulter continued to extend her line of thinking and brought up women who have had abortions:

Why can’t we get a record of women who have had abortions? They get money from Planned Parenthood, they get money from Medicare, from Medicaid. Much of this is…they’re tax subsidies. I think, you know, mothers might want to know what other women on their street might be willing to murder a child.

The entire segment from Hannity’s Show is here. (The comment in question starts about 1:10 into the video.)

H/T –Real Clear Politics