The World’s Largest Light Art Piece Used a ‘Lot of Torches’: See How It Was Made

In October 2012, Michael Bosanko, a light graffiti artist, made what is said to be the largest light art piece ever created.

This light artwork by Michael Bosanko carried a Halloween theme as it was created in October. It is the largest project he has done and thought to be one of the largest ever made. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

This sort of artwork uses a single camera exposure, hundreds of lights and unedited photography. So what would it take to make the largest piece ever? As Bosanko explained in a video recently released detailing how it was done, it took a 35,000-square-foot airplane hanger in the U.K. and “a lot of torches.”

It was also the longest exposure he had done on camera. Ultimately, the camera was left to expose for more than an hour, and it took two attempts to achieve the result he wanted.

“One thing I’ve always wanted to do was have a complete blank canvas and create my own environment, my own characters just purely out of light,” Bosanko said in the video. The artist usually incorporates a natural backdrop into his light art.

Watch the making of the piece, which includes Basanko’s dance-like movements as he’s visualizing what the lights will look like when he’s setting the project up:

Since he created this piece in October, it had a Halloween theme. But more recently, he’s done some for the Christmas holiday as well. Here are videos for a couple of those.

Christmas tree light art:

Manger light art:

Present light art:

Check out more of Bosanko’s light graffiti on his Facebook page here.

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(H/T: Gizmodo)