There is no shortage of depressing news in the world, which is why TheBlaze regularly offers stories and videos that may give you a brief break from bad news.

Today, we are sharing a 3:27 music video that parodies LMFAO’s pop smash hit “Sexy And I Know It.” This one is called, “I’m A Daddy And I Know It.”

Take a Break From All the Bad News and Enjoy Im a Daddy and I Know It

This is not the first spoof of the the original pop song. The chart-topper’s catchy refrain sparked many parodies. In fact, a web search for the specific phrase “parody of Sexy and I know it” yielded over one million exact matches.

Some of them were quite entertaining, including:

This very new addition to the pile of LMFAO parodies is called “I’m A Daddy And I Know It.” It was posted on YouTube on Christmas Eve and as of Sunday morning (1-6-2012), the clip had nearly 300,000 hits. While 300,000 views is a respectable number, many at TheBlaze believe this could go viral and blast through the million mark today.

“I’m A Daddy And I Know It” is the only clip credited to the YouTube account for a used named “DaddyCrazy5.” The very entertaining video is described by the folks who created and star in it:

This is how we do it with 2 older boys + triplets!!! Here’s our silly video creating fun family memories. It made an AWESOME white elephant gift for our families. Created and directed by Mommy:) Enjoy!

We did enjoy. And so can you.

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