Try Not to Laugh While Watching These Two Seemingly Drunk Texas A&M Coeds Crash Live News Report

Prior to the AT&T Cotton Bowl on Friday, a Dallas reporter had to think on his feet after his live stand-up was interrupted by a pair of seemingly drunk female Texas A&M fans.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reporter Jeff Jamison was airing live outside Cowboys Stadium in Arlington when the glassy-eyed duo invaded the shot and began screaming “Johnny Football!” — a reference to the Aggies’ Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel.

“These are high-minded fans, for sure,” Jamison joked.

Ironically, one of the coeds then seemed to slur, “where’s the weed?” At least that’s what the New York Daily News heard — the words are hard to make out.

“Oh my,” one of the in-studio reporters replied.

All in all, the local reporter handled the situation surprisingly well and maintained his composure.

Watch the hilarious interaction below:

“I would say you put any two major universities out there in a prime-time bowl game, you’re gonna get something like this,” Jamison later told the Bryan-College Station Eagle newspaper. “It could have happened to anyone.”

(H/T: New York Daily News)