5-Year-Old Almost Dies After Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

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It’s not the first time the dangerous trend of drinking hand santizer has made headlines, but this time it was a elementary school student, attracted to the sanitizer’s pleasant smell, who ingested too much and nearly died according to doctors.

Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, Mich., reported that a 5-year-old was rushed to Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor earlier this week after she was reported to be dizzy and vomiting at school.

It wasn’t until Leanne Arndt’s daughter came to that she was able to find out what happened. The girl’s grandmother speculated it was hand santizer because children seem to “have a fascination with the smell.”

“She told me that she tried tasting several different flavors and the strawberry chocolate was her favorite,” Arndt said.

The reporter showed off another bottle of sanitizer scented like a vanilla cupcake in the report.

Arndt recalled the doctors saying they had never seen anyting like that before, even with someone who was severely intoxicated. If the EMS had not run IV’s in the girl when they did, the 5-year-old could have died.

“They were telling me that a one ounce ingestion of it can intoxicate an adult, and it’s about a 140 proof ethanol liquor,” Arndt said, according to Fox 17.  “That’s exactly what they compared it to is moonshine.”

The little girl is reported to be doing fine after the substance was out of her system.

Watch the local Fox 17 report:


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