Headline Says It All: ‘Four Smurfs Arrested Over Assault’

A screen shot of the Smurfs from a surveillance video.

The headline on the Australian news website reads: “Four Smurfs arrested over assault.”

And that about sums it up.

Of course there is video of said Smurfs, who are said to have beaten a man who offered them a cigarette but refused to light it. From TheAge.com:

A 37-year-old Pascoe Vale man was buying cigarettes at a convenience store when he was approached by a man painted blue and dressed as a character from the 1980s cartoon show, police say.

The Smurf asked for a cigarette and was offered one, but he demanded the man light the cigarette before handing it over.

Police asked the men to turn themselves in. And they did:

No word on why the men were dressed as Smurfs or why they were so angry at the man for not lighting their cigarette. But we do know they were kind of blue.