MSNBC’s Scarborough Issues On-Air Apology to Mika Brzezinski Following ‘Chauvinistic’ Spat

Last Thursday, the set of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” turned painfully awkward when co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski got into an on-air spat that led the latter to claim that the former was acting “chauvinistic.” The reaction to this label, as TheBlaze noted, was one of frustration and agitation on the part of Scarborough, who lambasted Brzezinski during the intensely-uncomfortable exchange.

He told his co-host she “can’t throw attacks around like that,” as he clearly took deep offense. On Monday morning, just days later, the situation was apparently resolved, as Scarborough apologized to Brzezinski on-air and noted that he had also said he was sorry privately as well. While commenting about the incident, the host used humor to drive home his points.

“I made three New Year’s resolutions,” he told Brzezinski. “One, I’m not going to do that ever again…two, I think, and this is important, too — I’m going to try to interrupt you less in the New Year and, three, the next time we go to the White House I’m going to try very hard not to poop my pants.”

This latter point was quite obviously a poke at Al Roker over his recent admission about a past accident at the White House.

Watch Scarborough’s apology, below:

And here’s the original argument from last week: