President Obama Will Make a Political Statement With New License Plates on His Limo

Starting this weekend, the White House will put standard Washington, D.C. “Taxation Without Representation” license plates on President Barack Obama’s limousine to make a political statement, The Washington Post’s Tim Craig reports.

The symbolic stunt comes following a D.C. Council resolution and an official White House petition from the city’s residents to change the license plates to mirror the desire of citizens to have a representative in Congress, as they are subject to taxation.

The White House “has seen first-hand how patently unfair” it is for Washington, D.C. residents to pay taxes without being represented by a member of Congress, Craig reported via his official Twitter account.

Business Insider’s Brett LoGiurato provides a picture of what the Obama limo plates will look like:

Wikimedia Commons/Business Insider

LoGiurato also notes that former President Bill Clinton “embraced the gesture during his term in office, but President George W. Bush removed them.”