Body Language Expert Breaks Down Lance Armstrong’s Apology (and It Doesn’t Bode Well for Lance)

A photo illustration shows a man watching a TV showing disgraced cycling star Lance Armstrong with Oprah Winfrey is seen in a bar in downtown Los Angeles January 17. 2013. During the interview Lance Armstrong admited doping while competing professionally in the sport. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Much of the news has been dominated today by reaction to Lance Armstrong’s confession to Oprah that he did, in fact, dope while he was the top cyclist in the world. And much has been said about whether he was genuine or not. Some would say that’s hard to tell, while others would say Armstrong himself revealed how truly sorry he was simply by the way he delivered is mea culpa.

One such person in the latter camp is Professor Patrick O’Donnell from the University of Glasgow. In an interview with the London Telegraph, the body language expert revealed that while Armstrong was saying one thing, his body was saying quite another.

“He’s confronted by a set of questions on whether he was the leader and mastermind of the doping activity,” O’Donnell explains.

“These are actually serious accusations which should lead to him expressing sorrow and regret. However he can’t resist making little smiles from time to time as he reflects on his bullying experience and his experience as a controlling mastermind and that would indicate that in reality he’s taking pride in what he did, rather than genuinely feeling remorse.”

At one point O’Donnel even notes the many times Armstrong hits his chest, which he says is a sort of primal way of puffing yourself up.

Watch the fascinating breakdown below:

The professor isn’t the only one scrutinizing the confession, though. Betsy Andreu, who came forward and said she once heard Armstrong confess to doping while he was in the hospital, was disgusted. Armstrong sued Andreu after she made her claims and won. She delivered an emotional interview to Anderson Cooper right after the confession:

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