CNN Editor to Girl Trapped Inside Houston College During Shooting: Can You Send Us Some Pictures of ‘What’s Going On?’

THE WOODLANDS, TX – JANUARY 22: Harris County Sheriff Officers work the scene at Lone Star Campus after a shooting occurred on January 22, 2013 in North Harris County, Texas. Credit: Getty Images

Amanda was scared for her life as she remained trapped inside a classroom during Tuesday’s shooting at Lone Star College in Houston.

Because she couldn’t get reception, she took to Twitter to let her friends and family know she was alright and to warn other students. “While on lock down, in the room that I was in the only thing available was wifi. I have no phone signal,” she explained.

CNN’s National News Editor Justin Lear saw this as an opportunity to get himself a juicy exclusive.

“Do you have any pictures of what’s going on at the school to share with CNN?” he tweeted at Amanda.

“…no because I didn’t think to take pictures while I thought my life was jeopardy,” she responded bluntly.

But Lear pressed on, asking her how he could contact her if she wanted to talk to CNN.

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How would you have responded to a reporter tweeting at you during a live shooting?


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