Singer James Taylor on Gun Control: ‘We Need to Make Some Sacrifice[s] to Our Freedoms…to Safeguard Our Children’

Singer James Taylor (left) and President Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: AP)

Singer James Taylor showered accolades upon President Barack Obama on Monday, calling the president the ultimate public servant and proclaiming that Americans “are very fortunate to have Barack Obama as our leader.”

While these comments are expected from a celebrity who unabashedly supported the president throughout his first and second campaigns, Taylor’s proclamations about gun control may trouble some Second Amendment enthusiasts. 

During an interview with The Daily Caller yesterday, the singer said that Americans may need to sacrifice some of their liberties in order to protect society from gun violence. When asked to comment about whether he agrees with Obama’s recent executive orders targeting firearms and aimed at stemming violent crime, Taylor made an intriguing proclamation about sacrificing freedom. Before sharing his views, though, he did note that he does not know, in great detail, the contents of the president’s most recent executive orders.

“I think the nation is very divided on gun control, but I think the majority of us feel strongly — even the majority of gun owners feel strongly — that we need to make some sacrifice[s] to our freedoms, if that’s the way to put it,” he said. “We need to make some sacrifices to what we might want to have, in order to safeguard our children.”

As for the Founding Fathers, Taylor believes that, while they wanted Americans to have the right to arm themselves, there are limits to the Second Amendment’s reach.

“I think there’s a limit to how much — I think the founding fathers wanted us to be able to arm ourselves, but I don’t think that they would have agreed that we should have the capacity to do the damage that we do have,” the singer continued. “And we just can’t afford it.”

Watch his comments, below:

Taylor performed at Obama’s inauguration on Monday.

(H/T: The Daily Caller)