11-Year-Old Transgender Girl: This Is the Speech Obama Should Have Given at the Inauguration

(Photo courtesy of the Croft family, via the Huffington Post)

President Obama “made history,” as they say, when he became the first U.S. president to mention gay rights during an inaugural speech.

Now, following in the footsteps of her peers, an 11-year-old transgender girl is praising the president for his efforts but saying we still have work to do.

“Sadie was so proud of President Obama for including the gay community in his inaugural address on Monday; however, she felt like the trans community wasn’t included,” her mother explained for the Huffington Post.

Here’s the speech young Sadie would have given:

“The world would be a better place if everyone had the right to be themselves, including people who have a creative gender identity and expression. Transgender people are not allowed the freedom to do things everyone else does, like go to the doctor, go to school, get a job, and even make friends.

Transgender kids like me are not allowed to go to most schools because the teachers think we are different from everyone else..

When they grow up, transgender adults have a hard time getting a job because the boss thinks the customers will be scared away. Doctors are afraid of treating transgender patients because they don’t know how to take care of them, and some doctors don’t really want to help them. Transgender patients like me travel to other states to see a good doctor.

It would be a better world if everyone knew that transgender people have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else. We like to make friends and want to go to school. Transgender people want to get good jobs and go to doctors like they are exactly the same. It really isn’t that hard to like transgender people because we are like everyone else.”

A picture of the letter was first posted to TransGriot, according to HuffPo:

(Photo via TransGriot)

As Salon notes, the plight of transgender children has become increasingly mainstream.  Barbara Walters recently interviewed 11-year-old “Jazz” for the second time — the first time, Jazz was just 6.

Watch the entire interview, below: