Watch the Magician Who Appeared on Glenn Beck’s Show Blow Blaze Editor’s Mind With an Amazing Trick

If you were watching Glenn Beck’s Misfits Ball episode on Monday night (and a lot of people were, since it trended #1 on Twitter), you were probably wowed by magician Christopher Alexander doing a few tricks on the politically incorrect guests. After the show was done, we decided to pull Alexander aside and have him do a trick on us. And wow — he blew my mind.

It started off with a deck of cards:

Then involved tearing one of them:

Soon it was disappearing into thin air:

Of course, we couldn’t find it:

And when we did, I was blown away:

I won’t give the rest of way, but suffice it to say that you’ll never believe where it turns up. Watch below:

So do you know how he did it? I don’t. Let me know in the comments.