This $50 Mini Quadrotor Drone Camera Will Follow You Around and Help You Take Better ‘Selfies’

GoPro-style headcams are all the rage right now to document everything from extreme sporting adventures to events like Republican National Convention (as TheBlaze’s Mike Opelka showed us last year). But these body-mounted cameras only show your perspective, what about if you wanted to be in the picture itself?

Always Innovating created the aptly named “MeCam,” which is described as a self-video nano copter that people can use to to essentially take better quality selfies (those photos people take of themselves where half their outstretched arm is in the picture as well). The videos from MeCam can then be uploaded and shared on various social platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

(Photo: Always Innovating)

“Today people capture and share their photos and videos using archaic methods and with mixed results,” Always Innovating’s website states. “The MeCam launches from the palm of a hand and hovers instantly. The MeCam streams video to an Android or iOS phone or tablet. Videos can then be easily shared on social media platforms. The MeCam doesn’t need any remote control: the user can control the device with voice commands or uses the follow-me feature.”

(Photo: Always Innovating)

See how it works:

SlashGear reported that the MeCam will only set you back $49.