This Disturbing Viral Video Is Infuriating Everyone Who Watches It

An extremely disturbing video showing a mother physically restraining her crying toddler while he is seemingly given a tattoo has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. People across the globe are expressing outrage at the brazen act of what many are calling child abuse.

In the video, the toddler screams in agony as he is held down while one man draws the tattoo with a needle. At one point, the mother appears to say “mire, mire” — Spanish for “look.”

Hardcore dance music can be heard playing in the background for the duration of the video.

Some outlets, including The Daily Mail and The Sun, are reporting that the incident appears to have occurred in Havana, Cuba, though that has not been confirmed.

Watch the video below (Warning: Content will be disturbing to many viewers):

This story has been updated.