Guess Who Leads Among the World’s Most ‘Miserable’ Countries

Feeling kind of low today? It could be worse: You could be a citizen of Spain.

Courtesy Zero Hedge

The above chart is a representation of the “Misery Index,” a ranking of the world’s most “miserable” countries based on their unemployment and inflation rates. And as you can see, Spain’s clearly the most “miserable” country in the world, worse off than South Africa, Greece, and Egypt.

“[F]ear not Spain: Croatia which is set to join the EU in July is forecast to have a debt/GDP ratio of 63.6% by 2017 from 29.3% in 2008 as growth stagnates,” Zero Hedge notes.

“The country has one of the lowest labor participation rates in Europe at about 50 percent,” the report continues. “In other words, at just 26%, it’s a virtual guarantee that Spain … is about to be eclipsed as Europe does the one thing it is truly good at: spread misery for the ‘common good.’”

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