Here’s the Story Behind This Incredible Photo

Charm Jones was driving through Glenwood Canyon in Glenwood Springs, Colo., on I-70 Monday when she came around a corner and had to slam  her brakes to avoid being hit by a boulder the size of a small car.

This boulder fell on I-70 in Colorado and nearly hit a woman with a car service who was going to pick up clients. (Photo: Colorado Department of Transport)

“I had to hit my brakes so hard that everything in the car went flying,” Jones said to Vail Daily of the incident. “That boulder fell right in front of me and the rocks were rolling through the right lane.”

With this close call though, Jones knew more rocks could fall, so she said she then gunned the gas pedal to make it out of the rockslide.

Jones told CBS 4 she was in “complete shock” when it happened.

“[I] hit the brakes and turned to get away from it; and make a decision to stop or punch it,” Jones said, according to CBS. “I just had to punch it. I wasn’t going to hang out long.”

Watch the report:

Vail Daily went on to report Department of Transportation spokeswoman Nancy Shanks saying the boulder closed three out of four traffic lanes and left a 1-foot deep pothole. There is speculation the boulder came from a lower position on the rock wall.

Recent freeze-thaws in the area are thought to have been the cause of the rockslide. No one was reported injured from the events on highway.