Unless you’re delayed at the airport, you probably don’t have several hours to watch planes take off. But San Diego-based filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker with his latest video from the San Diego International Airport, gives you the opportunity to watch six hours of planes roaring into the sky faster than it would take you to brew a single cup of coffee in your Keurig.

Kuckenbaker condensed all the outgoing air traffic from 10:45 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. on Dec. 27 into a 32-second video.

Filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker Creates 32 Second Video With Hours Worth of Airplane Takeoffs in San Diego

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

“This one was a doozy to put together,” Kuckenbaker wrote on his website. “Managing so many small elements relative to one another – I kind felt like I was making a Fabrege egg.”

Check it out — and note the parachuter toward the end:

Kuckenbaker posted a similar video of landings earlier in December that has received more than 2 million hits on YouTube to date:

(H/T: io9)