The Uncomfortable, ‘Politically Incorrect’ Case Against Putting Women on the Front Lines

Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Glenn Beck on Thursday made the “politically incorrect” argument against allowing women to serve on the front lines in the U.S. military, saying the “disastrous idea” will “weaken our military” and “put women’s lives at risk.” Beck admitted that no one really wants to have the uncomfortable conversation that will certainly ruffle some feathers.

“This is not a game,” Beck said. “This is not a chance to show progress. Defending America should be left to those who are most physically capable of doing so.”

Beck said it is true that countless women are amazing “pilots, sharpshooters, medics, officers” but argued that combat is a very different scenario.

“What happens when a female 18-year-old soldier is taken as a POW? We all know the answer to that. Are you prepared to deal with it?” Beck asked.

He went on: “We all know how excruciatingly difficult it is to see videos of a terrorist beheading one of our guys. What happens to our country when they start releasing tapes of them beheading our women?…What happens when they start raping them?”

“Let’s be honest, you don’t like to see that stuff because we are still a civil society,” Beck added.

Watch Beck and guests discuss the implications of putting women on the front lines via TheBlaze TV:

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Beck hosted a number of military experts to further analyze the issue:

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