Radio Host Bet Against Ravens in Super Bowl and Had to Do This…

Although many bets made during the Super Bowl were for cash, chores or just bragging rights, some are more public displays of humiliation for the loser.

Take radio personality Jared Pike who bet against the Ravens in favor of the 49ers winning. Pike, who is a producer and radio co-host in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, had to wear only an adult diaper and a chef’s hat, which was presumably supposed to look like a baby bonnet, and was covered with 107.5 KZL stickers all over his body. Although coming into work that way would have been punishment enough, Pike had to stand on a highly trafficked street corner.

Jared Pike, 33, a radio station morning-show host, stands near an intersection in Winston-Salem, N.C., on Monday, Feb. 4. (Photo: AP/Skip Foreman)

On Twitter, Pike shared some of his thoughts regarding his situation before and after the game.



On a local news station, Pike explained he thought the 49ers were a “sure thing” when he bet one of the radio station’s interns. Next year, Pike said he thinks he’ll just bet $5 instead.

“It’s also a good reminder for me to hit the gym, because this is really embarrassing,” Pike said.

Watch Pike speak with a news reporter on the side of the road here.