Incredible Video Captures Humpback Whale Breaching Under Arizona Couple Canoeing in Maui

An Arizona couple enjoying a relaxing canoe trip recently off the coast of the Hawaiian island of Maui got an unexpected visit from an ocean friend.

While Laurent Lebihan was filming the beautiful ocean view, a humpback whale popped up, giving their vessel what CBS called a “love tap” — an appropriate designation given that it’s mating season for the whales right now — and scaring the bejesus out of his girlfriend.

Laurent Lebihan’s girlfriend gazing at the serene water, probably not thinking about what lurks beneath. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
The whale initially hits the boat with its flukes (tail). (Image: YouTube screenshot)
Then he showed his face on the other side. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The canoe didn’t capsize, although it was given quite a shake, and the whale was unharmed as well. Here’s what Lebihan wrote of the encounter in the video’s description:

We were out whale watching and totally caught off guard. Good thing it was an adolescent whale and nothing bad happened.

The whale left these waves in its wake. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the CBS report that includes the footage:

Here’s the original video posted to YouTube, which has more than 426, 000 views since being posted Sunday:

(H/T: Daily Mail)