CBS Affiliate Gets Pranked During Live Report on Dorner Standoff: ‘You’re a Real Dumba**, You Still Don’t Know This Is a Prank?’

A prank caller claiming to be an official with the U.S. Fish and Game Department called in during a live report on a local Los Angeles CBS affiliate to shed some light on the dramatic standoff between police and alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner. Of course, he provided completely bogus information.

Posing as “Mike Taugher with the Fish and Game Department,” the caller said than an official with the California Fish and Game Department was the first to spot Dorner.

“It was confirmed that there was gunfire. Who it was, we don’t know at this point,” he added. “We believe it was Ronnie the limo driver firing at Dorner, and we believe that he hit him.”

A little confused, the female news anchor asked: “You say Ronnie the limo driver?”

“Yes ma’am, Ronnie the limo driver,” he replied. “He was on his way to a block party and he got caught in the [shoot out].”

Still not getting it, the anchor asked the caller to confirm that it was an official with Fish and Game that first saw the fugitive ex-cop. That’s when the prank caller revealed himself.

“You’re a real dumba**, you still don’t know this is a prank–” the caller began before his audio was cut off.

Watch the live news prank below: