MSNBC Host: If Newtown Massacre Happened at a Black School, We Wouldn’t Be Having ‘National Conversation About Guns’

Touré (FILE)

Attacking the National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre as a racist, MSNBC co-host Touré — no last name, just Touré — said the NRA chief’s rhetoric is full of racial undertones and argued that there would be no “national conversation” about guns if Newtown shooter had shot up a black school.

During his “Touré TV” editorial segment on “The Cycle” Friday, Toure observed that gun violence disproportionately affects minority community, especially blacks. He pointed out that there is strong support in the black community for gun control.

“Perhaps we know Wayne LaPierre is wrong about good guys, and bad guys, and guns…I’m sure many of us find him hard to trust given his obvious use of racial demonization to spread fear that will lead to buying guns,” he said.

Referencing LaPierre’s op-ed in The Daily Caller, Toure jabbed at the NRA head for going after a fictional place called “South Brooklyn” where crime is rampant.

“I think it’s safe to say that when he says that, much of the country envisions a place clogged with black people,” Touré said.

He went on: “Now, if Adam Lanza had walked into a black public school in this mythical South Brooklyn, or in the South Side of Chicago, we would probably not be having a sustained, national conversation about guns.”

Toure then implored Obama to act on gun control, saying whatever he accomplished will “disproportionally help us.”

While there is no doubt that gun violence is devastating within the black community, to suggest the country at large would have reacted any differently to 20 dead black children as opposed to “white” children is outrageous.

Watch the segment via MSNBC below:

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(H/T: Noah Rothman, Mediaite)