Van Jones Likens Keystone XL Pipeline to a ‘Carbon Bomb’

Environmentalists swarmed the National Mall in Washington DC on Sunday to protest what they believe is a lack of action on climate change by President Obama. Among the estimated 35,000 protesters was a face familiar to many in DC, a face that used to work inside the White House – former Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones.

Image: MRC

Why was Van Jones there? Mr. Jones explained why he braved one of the coldest days of 2013 to attend the protest:

“I’m here to make sure the president of the United States doesn’t make the worst mistake he could possibly make. Which would be approving this horrible pipeline, like I said on stage, which would be like lighting the fuse on a carbon bomb…”

Yes, Mr. Jones was on hand to support the march and address one of his favorite topics – carbon emissions. In a brief interview with Media Research Center’s  Joe Schoffstall, he made some curious points. Jones said that the Republican party has “divorced itself from reality.” Further clarifying how he sees the GOP:

“Its economic theory has nothing to do with reality, Its understanding on how climate theory works has nothing to do with science. And they’re willing to take the biggest gamble ever. If somebody told you… that if you had a child and what you were doing to your child had a 96% chance that it was gonna kill it, you’d stop. 96% of scientists say that what we’re doing right now with carbon will cook the planet.”

The full two-minute interview with Mr. Jones in the freezing DC weather, talking about the need for action to stop global warming (now known as “climate change”) is here.

(H/T: MRC)