Wait, Could This Now Be the ‘Worst Free Throw Ever’?

It looks like we spoke out of turn when we said Appalachian State center Brian Okam had one of the ugliest free throws we’ve ever seen.

Because this one is definitely nastier:

So who is she?

“Best we can tell,” sports website Deadspin notes, “a Georgia College Bobcat shot a free throw approximately four feet high and four feet out, en route to a 70-60 loss to the Columbus State Lady Cougars in a Division II women’s matchup in the Peach Belt conference this past Saturday.”

After a little more digging, it appears the free-thrower is Georgia College freshman Shanteona Keys who, despite the ugly throw, is actually a talented basketball player.

Also, according to a few Deadspin commenters (take it with a large grain of salt), Miss Keys allegedly sneezed right at the moment of release.

Watch the video again and judge for yourself.

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