Jimmy Kimmel Releases Hilarious (and Slightly Cruel) Compilation of Valentine’s Day Pranks

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel often asks his audience to prank their family members on special occasions and post videos of the event on YouTube, compiling the best reactions shortly thereafter for everyone to enjoy.

After the wild success of the Halloween episode and many others, Kimmel asked his fans to pull the same stunt on Valentine’s Day, and the reactions were equally hilarious.

One woman, who is apparently terrified of lizards, opened a Tiffany’s box to find her greatest fear inside:

(Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Another woman got “bugs” in the place of chocolates (and, amazingly, just sat there and asked someone to get them off her):

(Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

This poor girl got mice in a jewelry box:

(Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

And how would you feel if your beloved gave you soap on Valentine’s Day?  She didn’t stay smiling after seeing the second gift:

(Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Watch the entire video, which also features a kidney stone in the place of a diamond and a woman being chased around with a snake (content warning for language):