Missouri GOP Rep. Demonstrates Why Dem’s Gun Confiscation Bill Is Actually a ‘Good Bill’ — For Target Practice

Missouri state Rep. Eric Burlison (R-Springfield) traveled to a gun range to talk to Missourians about an alarming gun confiscation bill introduced by Democrats that would turn law-abiding gun owners into felons. Under House Bill 545, owners of semi-automatic rifles would have 90 days to turn in their firearms or face felony charges.

“Why are they wasting their time on this? They tried this all before. [The assault weapons ban] was in place for 10 years and had absolutely no effect,” one man said from behind the counter at the gun shop. “Are they going to limit the number of magazines next?”

When Rep. Burlison asked one man holding a semi-automatic rifle what he thought of House Bill 545, he replied “it’s a great bill…It’s great target practice.”

So, Burlison put the man’s word to the test and used the bill for target practice — and his grouping was actually not bad. “You’re right, it does make a good bill,” he joked.


Watch the footage below: