Michelle Obama ‘Mom Dances’ With Wig-Wearing Jimmy Fallon

This image released by NBC shows host Jimmy Fallon dressed as a mom, left, dancing with first lady Michelle Obama during an appearance of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Friday, Feb. 22, 2013 in New York. Obama returned to the show to promote her “Let’s Move” campaign and to perform in a skit called “Evolution of Mom Dancing.” (AP)

First lady Michelle Obama hit the dance floor with a wig-sporting Jimmy Fallon on Friday to show off the “evolution of mom dancing.” The duo demonstrated such time-honored classics as the “Raise The Roof” and the “Hip Bump,” as well as the lesser-known “Just The Hands Part Of ‘All The Single Ladies'” and the “Where’s Your Father? (Get Him Back Here!)”

The first lady was on Fallon’s NBC late night show to promote her “Let’s Move!” campaign. Fallon did have one particular question: What she thought of a “dream team, Michelle and Hillary in ’16.” Obama laughed and said no, joking that she has her eye on Jay Leno’s late night show when he retires.