A 1-Year-Old Who Can Snowboard? Yes — and There’s Adorable Video

(Photo: YouTube)

Eden Grace Covaciu turns two next month and is still in that wobbly phase of learning how to walk, but she can already snowboard better than most adults.

Sharon Covaciu, the girl’s mother, says the family has been taking the toddler to the ski slopes in Oregon since she was only six-weeks-old.  “She was on a board before she could walk!” Covaciu wrote on YouTube.

The mother explained: “With snowboarding we always want to get on the first run, so we wake up at 5:30 and we get her out of bed.  And as soon as we mention snow she’s all excited about it…and knows that she’s going to the mountains.”

Video shows baby Eden dressed in a fluffy pink jacket with gloves and goggles perched on the hat on her forehead, cruising down the hill on her miniature snowboard.  In one of the videos, a man is standing behind her to make sure she doesn’t fall, but in another she is all on her own.

“With the new snow load hitting the Cascades, I thought this would be a fun story to share,” Covaciu said.  “Every time we take up our 1-year-old snowboarding, everyone just can’t get enough of her.”

The first video shows Eden all on her own:

The second depicts her first time on the slopes that season, according to her mother: