Hilarious Video: How One Man Chose to Protect His Car During a Hailstorm

(Photo: YouTube)

A man in Argentina reportedly loved his car so much that when a freak hailstorm struck Mar de Plata, he leaped on the roof of the vehicle and positioned himself as a body shield.

Video seemingly taken by a neighbor shows the man lying on his stomach, his arms and legs moving frantically as though doing a spastic breast stroke or his best impersonation of a swimming frog.  In reality, he’s probably just trying to cover as many square feet as possible, utilizing his arms and legs as impromptu windshield wipers.

According to AOL, an estimated 5,000 cars, homes, offices and schools were damaged in the span of just ten minutes by the golfball-sized hail.

“If I needed to protect my car from hail, I’d just throw a couple thick blankets over it, but this guy certainly wins on style points,” Jalopnik concludes.

Here’s video of the unusual sighting, uploaded to YouTube on Sunday: