A several-month-old video is currently making the rounds of former UFC fighter Justin “the Viking” Wren’s missionary trip to the Congo, where a number of local children went absolutely berserk over his arm hair.

Uploaded to YouTube back in September, the title of the video reads: “Great White Sasquatch! 1st time kiddo’s of Congo see white dude!”

It begins with a group of children looking curiously at Wren– specifically his ample supply of light hair– before Wren offers up his arm so they can see what it feels like.

UFC Fighter Justin The Viking Wren Visits Congo    Kids Freak Out Over His Arm Hair

(Photo: YouTube)

Soon enough, the group begins screaming and laughing as children do, reaching a whole new level of excitement when Wren bends down and shakes his Viking-style head hair, letting the children pet him like an animal.

Wren’s website explains:

As an MMA fighter, Justin used his skills to defeat people physically for sport. He eventually realized a greater impact could be made using the platform now at his disposal. The same hope and truth God used to pull Justin out of a destructive lifestyle is the reason Justin fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. His mission is to share Jesus’ love with a semi-nomadic group in Congo, the Mbuti Pygmies where only 1% have heard of Jesus. Mbuti Pygmies are persecuted, tortured and denied citizen status in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Um, why am I crying?” a Gawker commenter wrote.

Here’s the full video:

(H/T: DeadSpin)