Hamas to Launch Campaign to Find Palestinian Spies Working With Israel

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (TheBlaze/AP) — Gaza’s Hamas rulers say they will begin a new campaign to find Palestinian collaborators with Israel.

Col. Mohammed Lafi of Gaza’s Interior Ministry said Monday that the campaign aims to protect Palestinian militant groups battling Israel. Lafi says they will also warn other Palestinians of the dangers of spying.

The Israeli strike on Gaza City during last year’s Operation Pillar of Defense (Photo Credit: AP)

Israel security officials have long relied on a network of informants in the Palestinian territories to keep tabs on militants. Arutz Sheva has more on the announcement:

Col. Mohammed Lafi, a senior security officer in Gaza, said Sunday that the new campaign will be more comprehensive and thorough than previous ones.

Lafi claimed that during the last round of confrontation with Israel (Operation Pillar of Defense). Hamas’s security forces were able to monitor some of agents and arrest them, preventing them from passing information to Israel about possible targets to attack.

Since Hamas seized power in Gaza in 2007, it has taken a tough line on Palestinians accused of collaboration with Israel. Gunmen have killed more than 24 suspected collaborators, and jailed 20 suspects.

A Palestinian rights group urged Hamas to ensure fair trials for the accused.

Lafi says the campaign, including TV ads and offers of amnesty, will begin on Wednesday.