10 Local News Captions That Will Have You Laughing

Sometimes, local news is underrated and prematurely dismissed, with national news taking a more coveted place in political and social conversations. But, in many instances, what happens at the local level has a profound impact on the nation at large.

All this aside, rather than focusing on the serious effects that regional happenings can have on society, BuzzFeed took a more humorous look at some overtly-comical local new captions — lower-thirds that were, most likely, not originally intended to be funny.

While the outlet selected 38 of what it calls the “best local news captions of all time,” TheBlaze has chosen 10 from the pool. Ranging from unique to overtly hilarious, these are apparently real screen shots from local news television  broadcasts across America. Here they are:

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed/alexclifford.newsblur.com
Photo Credit: BuzzFeed/i-am-bored.com
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You can find all 38 local news captions over at BuzzFeed.