Do You Really Want to Know Where This Woman Was Caught Hiding a Gun?

You have three guesses to figure out where an Oklahoma woman was caught hiding a gun. And, no, she wasn’t hiding it in her purse.

After police officers took two women in Ada, Okla., into custody Monday morning, local authorities quickly discovered that something was really off with one of them.

“On the way there one of them tells the officer she has another hypodermic needle in her shoe, they remove that. The other arrestee says she needed to use the restroom. She repeats it,” Chris Ross, Pontotoc County DA, told KPLC-TV.

It didn’t take the authorities long to figure out why she needed to hit the head so badly.

“The officer observed the handle of a revolver sticking out from inside her body,” Ross said.

To be more specific, there was a “wooden and metal item sticking out from Harris’ vagina area,” according to court documents.

“It was a five shot. It was loaded and as she turned around she saw more plastic baggies, larger plastic baggies wedged in the crack of her buttocks,” Ross said.

And here’s a total shocker: The aforementioned baggies contained meth.

“It would seem to be a very dangerous way to carry a loaded firearm. If it goes off it’s only going one place,” Ross said, making what could be the understatement of the day.

KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

“Both women have long criminal records already and this time around will be charged with drug possession,” KPLC-TV explains. “Delancy also faces charges for trying to smuggle that gun into jail.”

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