This Guy Wants You to Know All the Reasons He Would ‘Hate to Be Asian’ — But He Says It’s ‘Not Racist’


A guy from Indiana ill-advisedly published a video in which he rattles off a 10-point list of all the reasons he would “hate to be Asian.”

After his video started going viral on the Internet, the student behind the video, Sam Hendrickson, took to Twitter and defended the racist list as “joke.” He also apologized to the “Asian community” for his video.

Here’s his extremely unfunny list:

1. “Most Asians look alike.”

2. “If were an Asian man, chances are I’d probably be with an Asian woman. And guess what? I don’t find Asian women attractive — kill me.”

3. “Sweat shops, they suck.”

4. “Asians, pot smoking. Could you imagine how you would look if you were a high Asian. It’s called chink eyes.”

5. “Math… I suck at math.”

6. “Show business. If you are an Asian man the only way you are going to be in show business for the most part, is if you know Kung Fu or you try out for a part to be an Asian mobster.”

7. “Being short. That stinks.”

8. “Sushi. I totally hate sushi.”

9. “Asian males, they don’t have a good rep… They aren’t known for being great in the bedroom.”

10. “They blur their porn.”

Watch the video here:

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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