How Did the Mainstream Media Cover Rand Paul’s Historic Filibuster?

Late Wednesday night, as Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster entered its 12th hour, there was significant reaction from people all across America.

  • C-Span experienced viewership levels rarely seen (The channel does not release ratings, but called the day “robust.”)
  • The hashtag #IstandwithRand topped the Twitter charts.
  • Even Liberals like Van Jones, actor John Cusack the far Left group Code Pink were supporting the filibuster.

Of course, as soon as TheBlaze caught word of the Senator’s filibuster, we covered it all the way until it ended. (He spoke from 11:47am Wednesday until 12:40am Thursday.) Almost 13 hours without sitting or taking a bathroom break:

We collected some screen grabs from major media websites to see how they were covering this historic event. All of these were grabbed right around midnight last night.

The New York Times had the story buried well into the middle column of the front page with the headline, “Rand Paul Does Not Go Quietly Into The Night”:

Image: New York Times

Over at NBC News, a banner was placed across the top of its website, but the big stories appear to be focused on gun control and allegations race-based different standards being applied in schools:

Image: NBC News

Curiously, CBS News had no mention of the filibuster on their front page. Instead, they covered the President’s dinner with a few Senate Republicans, the (non-breaking) news about the upcoming Papal conclave, a story about police encounters with the mentally ill, and a lion mauling a woman in California:

Image: CBS News

ABC News gave the top positions to other stories, but did find a place for Senator Paul on the second tier of stories:


CNN’s U.S. edition missed the story completely:


In the rest of the electronic media and cable arenas, we see a slightly different focus. was leading with the story:

Image: MSNBC

The Drudge Report also gave the story a prominent position for a great portion of the time that the filibuster was happening:

Image: Drudge Report

The Huffington Post appeared to be calling out Democrats for not joining the fight to protect individual rights and the 4th Amendment:

Image: Huffington Post