MSNBC Host Swoons: ‘I Look at Obama as a Perfect American’

While discussing the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center’s new study on anti-government “patriot” groups, MSNBC host Chris Matthews expressed his bewilderment as to why “right-wingers” have organized so many “hate groups” in opposition to President Barack Obama.

After all, Obama is the “perfect American,” Matthews explained.

“I Look at Obama as a perfect American. I don’t mean politically. We can disagree left and right on him,” he said. “You can argue about the drones. Argue about the fiscal policy, all that stuff. But as a citizen. The guy went to school, he never broke a law. He did everything right. He raised a wonderful family. He’s a good husband, a good father. My God I don’t think he’s ever gotten a speeding ticket. The guy does everything right.”

Unsurprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time that Matthews has referred to the president as “perfect.” Back in July, the MSNBC host said Obama is “the perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect American.”

He went on to say he couldn’t think of any reason for those on the right to be afraid of Obama “except that he happens to be black.”

He later attempted to link “right-wing” hate groups with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

“Who do they root for?” Matthews yelled. “They don’t root for Rand Paul? Pat Buchanan? I mean who? They must like this new guy Ted Cruz. They must love Ted Cruz, c’mon!”

Watch the segment via NewsBusters below:

Featured image via AP