Tea Party Favorite Rand Paul Is Able to Get Support for His Drone Filibuster From the Far-Left

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky on Wednesday staged a truly remarkable filibuster for more than 12 hours, blocking President Barack Obama’s CIA nominee John Brennan and putting the federal government’s controversial drone program in the national spotlight.

By his own admission, Paul would have ended the filibuster immediately and allowed the vote on Brennan to proceed if the White House would’ve simply said it would not conduct drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil. The Obama administration did not respond to Paul’s concerns Wednesday.

However, the senator’s amazing feat did earn the respect from many on the left, including some far-left groups.

The far-left anti-war group Code Pink supported Paul throughout the nearly 13 hour filibuster, they even plan to visit his office on Thursday.

Comedian Jon Stewart commended Sen. Paul on his Comedy Central program Wednesday night, saying he used the filibuster “the way it’s meant to be used.”

Stewart said drone oversight is certainly an issue “worth kicking up a fuss for.”

As TheBlaze previously reported, former Obama czar Van Jones also applauded Paul’s effort.

“Rand Paul is the MAN right now,” Jones tweeted via his official Twitter account.

Current TV, soon-to-become Al Jazeera America, host Cenk Uygur said it sickens him to see liberals defending Obama “on this clearly unconstitutional claim because he is their dear leader.” Oh, and he also supported Rand Paul’s filibuster on drones.

However, liberal Democratic lawmakers are another story as very few were willing to publicly support Paul’s cause against domestic drone use. Paul said liberal Democrats are “suspiciously quiet” because they have so much faith in President Barack Obama.

Just one Democrat senator, Ron Wyden of Oregon, actually participated in the filibuster and voiced his concerns about domestic drone use. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) asked Paul some silly questions, but did not join in the filibuster.

This led Hollywood actor John Cusack to ask: “For God’s sake, where are Democrats?”