‘You’ve Said That Like 800 Times: Read the Fun Q&A Letter One Woman Supposedly Gave Her Friend Suffering from Amnesia

The friend of a women in the intensive care unit suffering from short term memory loss might have gotten a bit annoyed answering the same questions over and over again. As a result, she wrote up a Q&A letter to answer the patient’s questions each time she forgot.

This letter was posted on Reddit by the woman who claims she would forget what happened every five minutes or so. The post is now in the top 20 most popular threads on the social news website’s front page.

According to the thread by the Redditor JoDiegoJo, the incident that caused the memory loss happened in May 2011. But the letter she was given and some of the information she reveals in the thread is still interesting none the less.

The initial thread posted Wednesday prompting JoDiegoJo to share her letter was a similar note from another person explaining to their friend who was in a car accident recently and had short term memory loss.

JoDiegoJo wrote in the top comment on this thread that she was given the wrong medication when she was in the ER in 2011 and as a result suffered short term memory loss herself. She wrote that she still has some problems with it to this day.

This is the letter her best friend wrote to her when she was in the hospital to answer all the questions JoDiegoJo asked the most (Content Warning: Some strong language):

(Image: Imgur via Reddit)

Just to be clear, because if you read the letter you might have seen the person being called “bro,” the letter was composed by a woman and sent to JoDiegoJo, who is also a woman.

“Women can be bros too!” JoDiegoJo, wrote in a comment to those questioning if this letter was to a male or female.

“I have spent nearly [two] years in cognitive therapy, basically teaching my brain new ways to store information – therapies frequently used for stroke victims,” she wrote on Reddit. “I wear hearing aids full-time, and have struggled off and on with depression and anxiety. After it happened I couldn’t even be alone with my children because if they left the room I forgot where they were. I didn’t even know what to do in the shower.”

To this day, JoDiegoJo wrote that she is still progressing and physicians think she will continue to recover even more.