Man Falls Off Cabin Roof While Shoveling Snow — and It Ends in the Best Way Possible

For those who don’t live in extremely snowy environments, here’s something you might not know: sometimes the snow piles up so high on a roof and becomes so heavy that it might actually need to be shoveled off to prevent ice dams or collapse.

There are safe ways to go about doing this and there are not so safe ways.

A man named Victor highlights some of the latter as he heads up a ladder to clear the roof of a cabin in Rogla, Slovenia.

“It’s a disaster waiting to happen,” the video description reads, “but luckily everything goes better than expected when he inevitably falls.”

Heading on up to shovel some snow off the roof. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
Starting to shovel at the top disrupts some of the heavy snow below and … (Image: YouTube screenshot)
…sends it all sliding with Victor along with it. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
And somehow Victor is not only cushioned by feet of snow beneath him but he appears to land on his feet like a cat. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the footage for yourself:

A few tips after watching this video:

  1. Always (anytime you have a ladder) have someone at the base holding it. There won’t always be feet of snow there to cushion your fall.
  2. Perhaps starting to shovel the snow off at the lower portions of the roof and working your way up could prevent such a slide. Or, if it were to slide, you would be lower on the ladder.
  3. Hire a professional?

The Ice Dam Removal Guys have some handy tips about roof raking or shoveling to remove snow if you want more information about it.

(H/T: Gawker, Slovenske Novice)