Man Takes to Twitter to Blast Boxer — Boxer Drives 50 Miles to Pay Man a Little Visit

Curtis Woodhouse of Driffield in action at York Hall on October 23, 2010 in London, England. (Photo: Getty Images)

Just because you’re a step removed from the conversation on Twitter, that doesn’t necessarily mean your comments aren’t registering with the recipient.  When that person is famous, it may be especially easy to imagine your comments get lost in the mix.

But British boxer Curtis Woodhouse has just set that record straight, driving more than fifty miles to make a personal visit to a persistent Twitter “troll” at his home.

“The master,” also known as @jimmyob88, apparently wrote a slew of tweets like this to the boxer:

@jimmyob88 appears to have deleted most of the incriminating tweets, but they still survive in screen shots. (Photo via the U.K. Guardian)

The U.K. Telegraph continues:

Woodhouse subsequently offered a bounty of £1,000 to anyone who could help him find the Sheffield-based culprit, who branded him a “complete disgrace” and a “laughable joke”.

Woodhouse initially replied with some trash-talk of his own before keeping his 18,000 Twitter followers updated during the day as he drove to South Yorkshire to “give him a right pasting”.

“Just on my way to Sheffield to have a little chat with an old friend, get the kettle on”, he wrote.


In a classic case of backtracking, the no doubt terrified Jimmyob88 tried to make amends.

“I am sorry it’s getting a bit out of hand,” he tweeted. “I am in the wrong. I accept that.”

@Jimmyob88 has since deleted the incriminating tweets, and apparently never let the boxer in his home.

“I won’t be doing that again,” he assured the U.K. Mirror.

But even though he didn’t make personal contact with the antagonist, Woodhouse seems to still feel a measure of victory.

“Its shocking that people think they can just say anything they like, ive had people mock my dead dad, enoughs enough,” he wrote on Twitter.