Republicans generally understand that if Texas ever turned blue, the GOP would have an extremely difficult time winning a national presidential election.

While the Lone Star State is still happily conservative, Democrats and progressives are hoping that the state’s booming Hispanic/Latino population coupled with the diminishing young white population will help make the state a toss up in the future.

As Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal points out, a demographics chart based on U.S. Census data shows that the Latino population among younger generations — future voters — is growing rapidly. However, whites are still the majority among people aged 45 and older.

Nonetheless, Republicans will likely have to find a way to appeal to Latino and Hispanic voters in order to keep Texas a Republican state over the long term. In 2012, Hispanic voters voted for President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney 71% to 27%.

Take a look:

The Texas Demographics Chart That Will Excite Democrats, Scare Republicans

(Michael Li, Twitter)

(H/T: Michael Li, Twitter)

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