‘What Would the World Look Like if America Never Existed?’: ‘2016′ Creator Dinesh D’Souza Is Back With a New Movie

(Photo: Screen shot/ “America” teaser trailer)

From the creators of box office smash “2016: Obama’s America” will soon come another documentary about a world where America as we know it never existed.

Conservative author, commentator, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza made the announcement Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference saying the film– titled “America” — won’t just be a sequel to “2016.”

“Our situation is much bigger than Obama, [the film is] ultimately about the meaning of America,” he stated.

D’Souza explained:

When the American founders got together 200 years ago, they wanted to make a new kind of country, and in fact a new kind of human being…Now what is distinctive about America?  As you know when Obama was asked that question he said, in effect, ‘nothing.’

But I want to highlight one aspect of American exceptionalism that goes to the core of what does make America unique, and that is the idea of the entrepreneur, the idea of the self-made man.

A preview for the film teases: “Columbus’ discovery of America was an accident.  It was a navigational error.  So what if this blunder never happened?  History would look very different…”

Watch the teaser trailer, which played at CPAC, below:

The Hollywood Reporter has more on the powerful creators of the new film:

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, who starred in, co-wrote and co-directed 2016, will return as the writer and star of a film simply titled America to be directed by John Sullivan, who wrote and directed 2016 with D’Souza.

Gerald Molen, who won a best picture Oscar for producing Schindler’s List with Steven Spielberg in 1993, will executive produce America, as he did for 2016.

But some are critical of the movie even before its release.  From the Atlantic Wire:

Yes, you’re understanding that correctly: there’s going to be a sequel to 2016: Obama’s America. Unfortunately the filmmakers passed on the opportunity to the 2016: America Harder, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Obama, or 2016: America’s America, or even my favorite option, America America America America America America America America


There’s no indication what the new movie will be about, besides hating Obama, except what we can glean from [the] trailer…