What Do You Get When You Mix Angry Cows, a New Video Camera, and a Few Guys Goofing Around? This Viral Video

A man was testing out his new camera recently by, for some reason, filming the body of a dead cow, when he was chased around a pasture and over a fence by an irate herd of cattle.

“Sup bro?” YouTube user “nathan bverbeez” asks a group of advancing bovines at the beginning of the clip, nervously adding: “Watcha doin’ bro?”

After the animals appear to calm, he makes the near-fatal mistake of taunting the creatures.

“Raah!” the cameraman shouts. “Got a problem?  Come at me!”

The animals oblige, chasing the cursing cameraman and his companion past a tree and across a nearby fence in a lively impersonation of a Spanish bullfight.

After the men cross the fence, the animals gather to stare down the offenders from the other side.

Here are a few still shots from the scene:

(Photo: YouTube/ nathan bcerbeez)
(Photo: YouTube/ nathan bcerbeez)
(Photo: YouTube/ nathan bcerbeez)
(Photo: YouTube/ nathan bcerbeez)

“First day filming test footage when all of a sudden…THIS,” Bcerbeez wrote in the YouTube description of his video, titled “Mad Cow Attack.”

Here’s the actual video, but skip to around 20 seconds to skip the introduction with the deceased cow (content warning for language and disturbing images of a dead animal):